Exitroom Berlin: Halflings

Exitroom: Halblinge

By | August 11, 2020

by Exitroom Berlin (website)

An der Kolonnade 4, 10117


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

For as long as all could remember, the peaceful valley of the Halflings was threatened by a terrifying dragon. Until one day, a small halfling named Meliot managed to slay the dragon with the help of powerful enchanted artifacts.
But as we celebrate Meliots 200th birthday, fear reigns instead of contentment. Then behind his longevity, a dark secret exists: poised by greed, Meliot stole a malicious dragon egg in one of his travels . Eventually, fed by Meliots growing lust and avarice, a dragon hatched from the egg, and now threatens to once again destroy the valley.

Meliots soul was corrupted by a cursed ring, and now he stands in the way of defeating the dragon.
But now, you, as our most courageous warriors, can use the chance in Meliots absence to defeat the dragon and unshackle Meliots soul from the fearful curse.
But beware, Meliots secret mystical chambers cannot be accessed easily, and you only have one hour left until he comes back.

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„Populäre Filmthemen als Escape Rooms“ heißt die Überschrift der 2. Lokation von EXITROOM, die in Berlin in der Wilhelmstrasse 87, nur einen Steinwurf vom Stammhaus an der Kolonnade 4, eröffnet und deshalb den Suffix „Cinema“ bekommen hat.

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