Memphis Escape Rooms: Shipwreck Cove

By | January 11, 2021

by Memphis Escape Rooms (website)

1010 June Road Suite 100, TN 38119

Up to 12 players

ยฃ55.00 $75.00

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At the third gathering of the nine Pirate Lords, chaos erupted among the tribes. It had long been rumored that a treasure so big, no one man could possess it had been found, and the pirate tribes each felt they had a claim to it. The Pirate Lords called for a vote to select a Pirate King, and when each Lord voted for himself, war broke out.

Three Pirate Lords escaped the melee, and took the secrets of the treasure with them. In an effort to return peace to the seas, the three pirate lords hid the secrets of the treasure in a place no pirate could ever hope to find it: Shipwreck Cove. Many years passed, and the trail to the treasure went cold, and the tale of a treasure so great no one man could posses it faded into a legend of the seas.

One Pirate never gave up his search, and eventually, found himself on the right path to the treasure. Tobias Moon, the captain of the Drunken Cutlass, uncovered clues to the treasure, and sailed his crew towards Shipwreck Cove. In a moment of extreme hubris, Tobias sailed his crew straight into the heart of the cove, where the ship ran aground and was lost among the rocks and the sea.

Your crew has discovered the wreckage of his ship, and the path to the treasure is within your reach. Can you traverse the perils that await you and come away with the treasure, or will you become another one of the victims of Shipwreck Cove?
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โ€œEverythingโ€™s better with Piratesโ€
Lodge, The Gamers 2:Darkness Rising

There are a few themes that instantly attract me and pirates is one of them. Pirate themed rooms are a popular choice for escape rooms and Iโ€™ve certainly played a few so was more than happy to sign up for this remote room.The story was relatively straight forward, hidden treasure, lost ship, old curses, etc.  

One positive to come from all these lockdowns is the ability to experience escape rooms from all over the world, and last night I did just that when I headed to Memphis Escape Rooms to experience Shipwreck Cove, their pirate themed escape room. The host who met us on our Zoom chat was so lovely but I canโ€™t for the life of me remember her name, iโ€™m so sorry about that. She was such a great avatar and explained things to us in a descriptive way without giving anything away. She really was the perfect host. Obviously with the time difference, we had to experience the room quite late (9pm) UK time which was 3pm their time.

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