Enchambered: The Whispering Halls

By | January 22, 2021

by Enchambered (website)


Up to 10 players

60 minutes

Your group has been summoned by the caretaker of an old victorian manor. It seems that the property has a problem of the paranormal kind. As members of a paranormal investigations unit, you jump at the chance to try out your new ghost detection gear. On arrival, you are escorted to an old two story library adorned with books and curious artifacts from the previous owners. The caretaker quickly locks the doors and traps you in. Your group must solve the mysteries of this old house and find a way to escape before the clock strikes midnight.
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From the theme to their approach to set design and construction, Enchamberedโ€™s Disney influences were on display in The Whispering Halls. As with The Legend of the Skull Witch we were thrilled by The Whispering Halls. While there were some opportunities for additional refinement and drama, overall this was a high quality escape game.
Oh good, another โ€œhauntedโ€ house. If Iโ€™ve done this once, Iโ€™ve done it a thouโ€ฆ..wait is that an actual freaking ghost?!?

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