ClueQuest: Mechanics of the Heart

By | February 4, 2021

by ClueQuest (website)


90 mins
Mr. and Mrs. Q’s helpful and reliable reconnaissance droid, MM7, is starting to ask questions all robots inevitably ask, “What is Love?” and “How do you know you’re loved?” You’ll be tasked to help MM7 decipher the complex and puzzling ways of love in our world in order to help focus him on our daily mission to save the world from the villainous network of the Evil Professor.
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I think we could all use a little more love in these trying times, and whether you choose to play Mechanics of the Heart on Valentines Day, or not, the message is the same, and a perfect way to share the love with those you care about.
One thing we really enjoyed about this game was the build-in personalization function. I didn't tell Brandon about this and was able to surprise him throughout the game. I used his artist name "Invasian", added our favorite food, places we've travelled in the past and a personalized message. He thought that clueQuest designed a customized game for him! We had a blast laughing about it afterwards. Although we played this game after Valentine's Day, it was still a great way to plan a date night!

ClueQuest (as usual!) put SO MUCH thought and effort into making this game perfect for ‘the season’ and with a lovely plot and beautiful illustrations to boot, it makes Mechanics of the Heart an exceptional game in the printable escape room genre!

This Print + Cut + Escape game is unique among ClueQuest previous offerings as it has the opportunity to be personalised with messages that are woven into the story, creating a unique experience for the person or people that you are playing with. I found that this personalisation worked brilliantly and I really enjoyed the story of an AI drone trying to understand love so that it could convince Mr Q to let it become a ClueQuest agent. The puzzles were fantastic, with lots of variety and a good level of difficulty which made the game good fun without being frustrating. Overall, I think this might be my favourite Print + Cut + Escape game so far!

Mechanics of the Heart was a joy to play. It’s riddled with charm and personality, and we had loads of fun with it.

I’d highly recommend this game for couples wanting to do something different on date night. Pour yourself a glass of red, lower the lights and get romantic!

Overall, clueQuest have released a beautiful & romantic game into the market which is a perfect way to share the love with everyone who needs it right now. Everything comes together seamlessly in this experience and the creativeness behind the scenes to make a paper based game immersive, always is a WOW moment! One of our favourite parts of the experience is that we both feature in one of the puzzles (unintentional or not we don’t know)! 

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