The Escapologist Online: Rudolf: MIA

By | February 25, 2021

by The Escapologist Online (website)



Itโ€™s Christmas eve and Santa is about to leave to start delivering his presents, but we have a problem! Rudolf is no where to be found!

Santa cannot leave without Rudolf or he will not be able to see through the thick snow fall.

There are 7 elves who each have a clue to where Rudolf is. Solve their puzzles to gain their clues, and then combine them using this table to find where he is hiding.

Once you have found him, email with your answer and we will hurry over there to check and let you know if you were right!

If you get stuck go to the help attachment to gain a hint from the head elf.

There is an answers page too but donโ€™t use it to cheatโ€ฆ

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