Open The Door: Mummified

Open The Door: Mumifiziert

By | June 24, 2021

by Open The Door (website)

Columbusgasse 102, 1100


2+ players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

This is the chance of your life. Never would you have dreamed of proving your abilities in a real pharaoh's burial chamber. But it is reality. You are the best archeologists in your field and you have been chosen to be the first to explore the inside of the pyramid. The goal is simple - discover the history of this ancient place. So you get in, and while you walk the narrow and long corridors... suddenly - darkness. You have been separated from your colleagues. Only two of you are left. You can hear your partner, but you don't see one another. In the distance you can hear the footsteps and the laughter of your colleagues – or rather your competitors, as you understand now. What if you can not get out of here? You will never find out who built this pyramid. But if you are dead, you would not care anyway – you better hurry!
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