Mastermind Escape Rooms Biel: Escape from Alcatraz

Mastermind Escape Rooms Biel: Die Flucht aus Alcatraz

By | June 28, 2021

by Mastermind Escape Rooms Biel (website)

Eckweg 8, 2504 Biel


2-6 players

Languages: EN, DE, FR

60 minutes

Alcatraz 1957

San Francisco in the 60s. You are being locked innocently into notorious Alcatraz. To prove your innocence, you need to escape the prison and find the evidence in your hideout

If the gossips are true, there was an inmate that managed to escape Alcatraz. Could it be that he left clues and hints for his fellow prison mates? Experience and try to escape the most secured prison in the world – Alcatraz!

Only the innocent will escape...

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There is a limit to how many ways one can plausibly break out of prison. More than pretty much any of the other common escape game scenarios, it's constrained in the types of object and furniture that can plausibly be used for puzzles without looking glaringly out of place. After fifteen or so prison games, the tropes start to get pretty familiar. Final Escape's game is notable therefore not so much in being wildly original, as in simply being one of the best instances of the genre.
A prison sc...
A review of three of the games at Final Escape: Robot Paranoia, Prison Break and Steampunk Puppeteer. Three good games with Robot and Puppeteer having amazing set design and theatre while Prison Break had an older feel but stronger puzzles. Robot and Prison Break also had a fantastic sense of exploration.
Trapped in a prison, but we know there’s a way out. We only need to work together, so grab a spoon and let’s get digging.

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