Mysteeri: The Sports Museum

By | October 7, 2021

by Mysteeri (website)

Olavintie 2 (sisäpiha), 20700 Turku


2-5 players

Languages: EN, FI

60 minutes

“Well this is exciting”, someone says while you sneak in the dark corridors of the Sports Museum. You were celebrating earlier this night the latest Finnish World Championship gold medal with your team when a new face joins your gang. This guy named Valentin tells that he is currently working in the Finnish Sports Museum and therefore has the keys to the National Treasure of Finland! This seems like too good an oppurtunity to lose, so you decide to check out the treasure.

Valentin opens the last door to the treasure… and slams the door shut behind you! To your horror you notice that the trophy pilar is empty. Morning is almost here and so are the best of Finnish Hockey League with a police escort: they intend to have a press conference with the Treasure in 60 minutes. Can you retrieve the treasure back to its place in time?

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