Other World Escapes Portsmouth: The Divide

By | June 30, 2019

by Other World Escapes Portsmouth (website)

239 – 241 Commercial Rd, PO1 4BJ


2-6 players

60 minutes

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Society is divided, and unbalanced, leaving some in a fortunate position and others less so. This divide is evident in many aspects of life, but you can help to balance it. The Divide is a beautiful escape room with meaning. By playing this escape room, 10% of your booking fee will go to The LifeHouse to support their efforts to help homelessness and those suffering with addiction in Portsmouth.
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There are all sorts of potential pitfalls involved in attempting to build an escape room that addresses serious social issues - in this case inequality and homelessness. Being designed as entertainment, a game could easily come across as mocking, patronising, dull and worthy, or simply ill-judged. It is to TimeTrap's credit that they've managed to avoid all these and build an excellent escape room that conveys a serious message without lecturing or undermining players' enjoyment.
The Divide is ...
An impressive achievement: exposing players to the bitter realities of homelessness, treating that subject matter incredibly sensitively, giving positive messages about how society can help and still managing to make what was a thoroughly enjoyable game. A game that you should play if you ever get the chance.
The Divide is something very different. Escaping rooms is a good, if expensive, hobby. Escaping a poor financial situation, homelessness, and similar is a lot more serious. Time Trap Escape Rooms sought to take up that challenge.

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