Beyond Breakout: The Mask

By | July 31, 2020

by Beyond Breakout (website)

4th Floor Agricultural House, Newtown, SY16 1BS


2-6 players

60 minutes

Pachacutec, was the most powerful Inca Emperor of the entire Empire, yet his body and tomb remain undiscovered. Legend has it, that the Emperor is buried with his great wealth - including the Gold mask of the Sun God Intu - deep within the hills. The entrance to the tomb is only visible during a solar eclipse, the next of which is due to take place in the next hour, and then the fortune will be lost for yet another 360 years. A private collector has offered a large reward for the lost mask, but time is of the essence, your quest is to find the mask before the end of the eclipse.
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If you find yourself towards the top end of Wales, I recommend paying Beyond Breakout a visit. The Mask is a fun room that would be a decent challenge for small teams, and you’ll have a blast with Lorna and Jo as your hosts.

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