Emergency Exit Escape Rooms: The Beast

By | July 31, 2020

by Emergency Exit Escape Rooms (website)

12A George Street, OL6 6AQ

Up to 6 players


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Winner of a 2020 TERPECA award90 mins
Exclusively play a unique experience - only available online - combining Conjure + Poltergeist! The game includes spoilers from both physical games. The rooms may LOOK the same online, but the game-play isn't!
Deep in the forest of Crowley Manor lies a secret as dark as the house itself; maybe even worse?
There's a cabin in the woods with a legend of the supernatural. Long abandoned, there have been strange sightings and many people have disappeared, as reported in the news over the years, never to return.
You should NOT enter! The question is... can you escape parts 2 and 3 of the Crowley Manor story? There's lots of puzzles to solve before you can.
Based in the same reality as our EXORCIST game, Crowley Manor. You'll be playing in the actual Conjure and Poltergeist rooms by controlling a Game Master.
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Emergency Exit’s first remote play game was an excellent adaptation of their existing Exorcist game. Their sequel, The Beast, is adapted from a combination of two physical rooms (Conjure and Poltergeist), and while I haven’t played those my impression is that they’ve been used as raw materials to create a new game specifically for remote play. There's probably a lot of overlap with the physical games' puzzles, but the overall result is its own thing.
I guess you could play Beast stand-al...
Horror or supernatural-themed games (zombies excluded) are not often my first choice when choosing a game, and yet, The Virtual Exorcist is possibly my favourite online-avatar game that we’ve played to date, with The Beast close behind. Play them both - you won’t regret it
So, about that Demon that tried to kill us last time… that was just a misunderstanding, right?

This game was brilliant and absolutely lives up to the hype. From about 3pm on Friday all the way until our 8pm booking I was working myself up into a frenzy – “What if it’s too scary?! Should I skip dinner?“, but despite my worries there was no way to prepare for the thoroughly creepy and immersive experience that it was.

The online game combines the best parts of what are actually the 2nd and 3rd rooms of what is known as "The Crowley Manor trilogy" in real life. There are some nice "special effects", both visual & practical, and I can easily picture how effective those could be in a proper "spooky" setting.

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