Open The Door: Witch Hut

Open The Door: Die HexenhΓΌtte

By | June 24, 2021

by Open The Door (website)

Columbusgasse 102, 1100


2-5 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

How did you end up in that situation? The path should have made a turn over there. There is nothing here, just forest! But wait - there is an old hut. Smoke comes out of the chimney. Someone must have made a fire. Here you will surely find a shelter and help to get out of the woods again. You knock on the door, but nobody answers. So you enter and at once, a shiver runs down your spine. This is not a normal hut! You can feel the evil immediately. A broom, hat and a thick old book ? What awaits you in this cabin in the woods?
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